WD Minis

This range is designed to target the smaller species such as Australian Bass and Yellow Belly, but are built strong enough to handle there bigger native cousins as well.

The WD range is designed by well known fisherman Wayne Dubois.

The new design, where a #3 Gamakatsu hook sits further back in the skirt, creating a much better hook up rate.

The WD Minnie is a very compact range whereas the Low Profiles are a slightly lower profile to the standard range.

Available in 6 colours and 3 sizes 3/8, 1/2 and 5/8oz.

Blade styles available in copper and gold single willow, serrated willow, fluted Indiana and fluted willow.

  • #WD-M1

    WD Mini - #WD-L1

  • #WD-M2

    WD Mini - #WD-M2

  • #WD-M3

    WD Mini - #WD-M3

  • #WD-M4

    WD Mini - #WD-M4

  • #WD-M5

    WD Mini - #WD-M5

  • #WD-M6

    WD Mini - #WD-M6

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