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Outlaw trollers come in 2 sizes - 1&1/4oz & 2oz.

Trollers are hand made using 051 wire, Gamakatsu hook, and a 44 strand skirt.

Our custom made mould allows us to produce the same shaped head as our smaller range.

A premium quality ball bearing swivel is used to allow the blade maximum performance.

A soft plastic is standard and comes with the option of a stinger hook, making these the ultimate lure for trolling.


Troller - #01
Troller - #02

The custom made.051 center shaft and 040 Twin Arms make Outlaw Cannonballs the ultimate Monster Cod Hunter.

Gamakatsu hooks and quality swivels make these the ultimate in Twin Armed Spinnerbaits.


The 2&1/2oz and 3oz cannon ball only comes in Duels, Double Barrel and Six Shooter.

Available in all colours

Cannonball Duel Spin

Cannonball Duel Spin

Cannonball Six Shooter

Cannonball - Six Shooter

Cannonball Double Barrel

Cannonball - Double Barrel
Team Outlaw Spinnerbaits

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