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Outlaw Spinnerbaits prides its self on quality components and expert workmanship.
To gain that perfect finish and durability our products are hand poured and painted by a professional Spray Painter to bring Anglers the perfect finish for catching the eyes of those once illusive fish.
Gamakatsu hooks and heavy duty 045 stainless steel wire make outlaw spinnerbaits strong enough to land the largest Cod or Barra your lucky enough to hook up.

Our choice of swivel features a duel action. Stainless steel ball bearings allow the swivel to spin freely at both ends, creating a smooth effortless spinning action, slower retrieve and less weed fowl ups.

A large range of blades are available. Our Willow & Deep Cup Colorado blades are pad printed with the OUTLAW LOGO and come in nickel, copper and brass. Blades in the WD ranges include Serrated Willow, Fluted Willow and Fluted Indiana.

Spinnerbaits are available in sizes 1/4oz to 2oz. Duel Spins, Double Barrels and Six Shooters are available in sizes ranging from 3/8oz through to 3oz.

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Yella Magnets

Our NEW range of Skirts have to be seen to be believed!!

Click HERE to see the full range of Yella Magnets Availiable.

*Please note Plastics are a customised choice

Yella Magnet #6

The Black Widows

Click HERE to see the full range our Black Widow Series Availiable.

*Please note Plastics are a customised choice

Black Widow - #2

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